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I'm 53. I live in Wisconsin, married to high school sweetheart, over 33 years...cant remember exact! I have 5 grown children, 7 grandchildren. I recently left my job working in the Human Services with children of neglect and abuse. I was diagnosed at the end of Sept, no breast cancer history on either my side or husbands. I hadnt been feeling well for a couple of years, always figured it was stress from the job. I will be working on building my candle and body care business as long as my health allows. The cancer is spread to my bones, which orignally caused me pain that I cant even describe. Lets just say I hope i never feel that again. Currently I'm in a study with Avastin and Letrazole IV treatments every 3 weeks, Pamamidrate for the bones every 6 weeks and Femara daily. I have scans every 9 weeks. My first set of scans were good. I pray to God to reach Ned quickly and stay there for 25+ years.

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February 4, 2012

Watertown, Wisconsin 53094

February 12, 1958

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Breast Cancer

September 22, 2011

Stage 4






how quickly my life changed,literally in one day

NEVER take your health for granted and LOVE your loved ones

Pray, Pray again and again. Be kind to everyone

Im currently in a trial due to end October.

Gift cards to eat out...books, pjs. kind words.

Dean Oncology

Pain like I cannot describe on the left side of my ribs and spine.

Continuing, ongoing

I dont understand this. If anyone wants to donate anything to me,,email me. For today we are ok..I would like to do some mini vacations or special days out.


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